Make this your year to SHRED. 



Whether you are an intermediate skier that wants to get off the groomed blue runs, or an advanced/expert level skier that wants to improve your skills and confidence in the moguls, trees, powder  and crud --- oh, and hitting natural airs, we teach that too! --- our head coach, Shannon Mahre, and her assistant coach, Sarah Roy will give you the mental AND physical skills to progress safely and confidently.



Here's what we have in store for the 2024 Ski Season

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Full Day Women's Ski Clinics + Camps at White Pass, Alpental, Summit Central + Schweitzer

This season we'll be ALL over the PNW offering our full day Women's Intermediate as well as our Women's Advanced Full Day Ski Clinics. Here's some general info about our full day clinics -- to see dates for each of the ski areas, meander a little further down the page.

COACHES: Shannon Mahre + Sarah Roy + Callie McGrath

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced/Expert

Intermediate Ski Clinics - Get off the groomers and into the crud, powder and moguls. These clinics are meant for people that are super comfortable on blues but want to get more comfortable on black diamonds and off-piste terrain.

Advanced Ski Clinics - These clinics are meant for people that already ski black diamonds (and maybe even double blacks) but they want to improve their skills in this advanced/expert level terrain. We will focus on crud, moguls, powder and will even get into the trees and natural airs if skills and conditions permit.

FOCUSES: Moguls, Steeps, Crud, Powder, Pillows, Trees, Intro to Backcountry/Sidecountry, Intro to Air (Natural Terrain)

LOCATIONS: White Pass Ski Area, The Summit at Snoqualmie (Alpental), Summit Central + Schweitzer 

TIME: 9am-3pm

K2 DEMO FLEET: We will have a Demo Fleet of K2 Skis for all of our clients to try out at our clinics!

COST: $350/person --- Includes swag bag, stellar coaching, happy hour drinks & the use of our 2024 K2 Skis Demo Fleet (if you'd like to try some skis out!). Lift tickets are NOT included in this price, but we are able to get you discount lift tickets upon request prior to the day of the clinic if you are not a season pass holder - Only at White Pass. :)


2024 Full Day Ski Clinic + Camp Schedule

Alpental + Summit Central @ Summit at Snoqualmie



January 2nd: Women’s Intermediate Ski Clinic

January 9th: Women’s Advanced Ski Clinic

February 6th: Women’s Intermediate Ski Clinic

February 19th: Women’s Advanced Ski Clinic

March 5th: Women’s Intermediate Ski Clinic

March 22nd: Women’s Advanced Ski Clinic

Summit Central

January 29th: Women's Intermediate Ski Clinic

Women's 2-day ski camp at Alpental

February 22nd + 23rd: Women's Intermediate Ski Camp 

February 29th + March 1st: Women's Advanced Ski Camp

White Pass Ski Area 


January 7th :: Intermediate clinic

January 12th :: Intro to Backcountry clinic

January 31-Feb 2 :: Women’s Ski Camp

February 4th :: Advanced clinic

Private Intermediate-Expert Ski Clinics at White Pass

Dates + time slots for the 2023/24 season.

 Registration opening soon.

  • January 4th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • January 11th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  •  February 8th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • February 22nd :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • February 29th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • March 7 :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • March 21 :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • March 28 :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • April 4th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2
  • April 11th :: 9:30-11:30,   12-2

Schweitzer Mountain

Registration for these camps opening SOON!

Intermediate Women’s Ski Camp :: February 12-16th

Advanced Women’s Ski Camp :: March 11-15th