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2024 Utah River SUP Expedition :: Register NOW!
This trip is filling up, friends! It's time to hop on board... literally!
Women's Fly Fishing Clinics
Join Shannon + Ashtyn this spring, summer or fall on the Naches, Tieton and Yakima Rivers.
Cowgirl Camp 2024
Since last year's Cowgirl Camp sold out, we are hosting TWO in 2024. Hat burning, horseback rides, denim decorating, happy hour... F U N.
Grit in Yellowstone :: A women's Adventure Trip
Hot springs, fly fishing, hiking, yoga, and all the adventure in Yellowstone National Park.


Did you know that our owner + head coach is also a professional photographer, writer + speaker?

Check out her monthly articles for the Yakima Herald Republic as well as other publications at the following link :: 


***Interested in working with her or having her as a speaker at your event? Give her a shout. 


Our company was highlighted on King 5 Evening News!

Fear not if you missed it! You can watch our episode on King 5 Evening by clicking the link below. :)

Girls with Grit + King 5 Evening

What our Clients are saying...


"After a backcountry ski class that left me frustrated and defeated, where I spent most of the time on my butt rather than skiing, I reached out to Shannon for a private lesson. My session with Shannon was the best ski coaching session I've ever had. She watched me ski, and gave me some tips to improve my technique. Then, she coached me down some steep moguls - stuff I would never have chosen to ski on my own. She taught me how to make decisions about where to turn in the steep cruddy stuff, and how to ski in control before adding speed. By the end of our lesson, I was not only skiing steep moguls with confidence, I was seeking them out because I was having so much fun doing it! Thank you, Shannon, for helping me get my mojo back!"

-Anna Batie

"One lesson with Shannon improved my skiing more than the last several lessons I’ve taken elsewhere. Shannon’s clear visual examples and spot-on feedback brought everything together in a way that made sense and gave me so much more control in steeper terrain and over bumps. Her ability to build my confidence brought out the best in my skiing and gave me newfound optimism about my ability to progress and conquer my fears. I’m really proud of what I accomplished during our lesson and had a ton of fun in the process!"

-Melissa Paulsen

"I know many people have struggled this past year.  I have - know I need to take care of myself. I look back on my time with these ladies and our amazing coach and I really cherish our time together.  Thank you to Shannon for being a fierce leader of our team. Thank you for letting us continue with classes during a pandemic. I hope I am not the only one who tells you how much I appreciate you as a coach, a mentor and a friend. Thank you, Shannon."  

-Teresa Brunstad


"Shannon is more than just an instructor she is also a great coach which helped me conquer my fear of going in the steeps of Alpental. Her positive attitude and support also helped reassure me as the visibility wasn’t the best on the lesson day."

-Laurel Labrash

After taking last season off to recover from breast cancer, I hit the slopes this year with extraordinary trepidation. Luckily, I was encouraged to try the Girls with Grit clinics that Shannon offers. I have to tell you... this class blows me away. I’ve received some of the best coaching I’ve ever had in my life. It is positive, safe and fun. When I talk to women I know across the country, they are truly jealous that we have access to this kind of class at our local mountain."

-Addy Logsdon

"Shannon's midweek women's clinics have pushed me into areas I would not have gone on my own. My skiing ability and confidence has grown with each session, each year.  Shannon is a great coach & not only encourages me but inspires me as well."

-Marcy Johnson