Beginner-Expert, we've got a SUP Clinic or Lesson for You. 

We are the only coaches in the Yakima Valley that teach our clients how to paddle on lakes as well as on rivers & the ocean - so if you are interested in getting on some moving water this year, we'll get you there!




COACHES: Shannon + Andy Mahre & Sarah Roy

LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

FOCUSES: stand up with confidence, stability skills, efficient paddling, flip rescue, water analysis & turning skills, stroke analysis, footwork, rough water skills 

LOCATIONS: Yakima, Naches, Private Lake in the Yakima River Canyon, The Yakima River, Lake Aspen, Rimrock Lake, Whidbey Island



A Typical Day in one of our Intro to River SUP Clinics...

For these clinics, we start the day at a private lake in the Yakima River Canyon, honing your skills on the board as well as teaching you new techniques that you will use specifically on the river. After a quick snack, we'll head upriver and drop into the Yakima to guide and coach you during our river excursion. After 2 miles, we'll pop out of the river for a delicious, gourmet lunch at Canyon River Ranch. After our meal, we'll get back on our boards and make our way 6 miles down river. Along the way, we'll stop for snacks and cold beverages and sightseeing - and a bit of sunning time. We'll end our day where we started - on the grass at the private lake - as we enjoy an outdoor happy hour before heading home.  





TIME: River -- 9am-4pm

COST: $280/person 

 ***River Clinic includes clinic swag bag from one of our sponsors, lunch at Canyon River Grill, happy hour appetizers/drinks + river paddle board, paddle & PFD/Safety Equipment Rental. 


2022 Clinic Schedule

May 22nd - Yakima River Canyon

June 10th - Yakima River Canyon

July 1st - Yakima River Canyon

July 23rd - Yakima River Canyon

July 30th - Yakima River Canyon

August 14th - Yakima River Canyon

August 27th - Yakima River Canyon

September 7th - Yakima River Canyon



2 Day River SUP Adventure in the Yakima River Canyon

Join us for 2 days on the Yakima River in the canyon between Ellensburg + Yakima. We will start our trip off at a private lake in the canyon, teaching skills and building confidence on flat water before we head up river to drop in. Our first day, we will adventure from Ellensburg to Red's Fly Shop/Canyon River Ranch. The second day, we will venture from Red's to the lake that we started on the day prior. Both days will end in happy hour fun (drinks + appetizers included) for all parties -- All guests will also enjoy swag bags and lunch on both days of our trip. 

Use of our NRS River SUP boards, paddles, pfd's and safety gear are included with your registration.

***Lodging is not included but if you'd like to stay at Canyon River Ranch, we have blocked a few rooms for our guests.



Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we SUP 47 miles from Grand Junction, CO to Moab, UT on the spectacular Green River September 18th-26th.

For more information and trip pricing, head over HERE.




Our day will begin with morning yoga, coffee & snacks on the lawn at Canyon River Ranch. Once everyone is nice and relaxed, we'll head out on a hike or trail run (The June 27th camp is the trail run and the July 8th camp is the hike) on the nearby, absolutely spectacular Umtanum Creek Falls Trail or the Skyline Trail (see photos below). After seeing some of the most spectacular views in our area, we'll head to a private lake in the Yakima river canyon where we will enjoy gourmet box lunches from Canyon River Grill. 

After lunch, we will help you hone your skills & build your confidence on the paddle board and relax lake side — swimming is also recommended! 

A late afternoon yoga sesh under the shade of a willow tree by the lake we will lead into a mellow happy hour full of local snacks and drinks while Shannon goes over your nutrition & endurance training plans (distances vary on your personal goals --- choose from 5K-50 miler running or walk/running) and she'll answer any questions you may have.

 A fun and FULL day of adventure and fun, for sure!!!

2022 CAMPS 

Trail Run, SUP & Yoga - June 17th - Yakima River Canyon - 8am-4pm

Hike, SUP & Yoga - July 8th - Yakima River Canyon - 8am-4pm

Trail Run, SUP & Yoga - July 15th - Yakima River Canyon - 8am-4pm




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